Wellbeing and better service housing through digitalisation

HIPPA - Hyvinvointia ja parempaa palveluasumista digitalisaation avulla

About us

“HIPPA- Wellbeing and better service housing through digitalisation” develops products and services for smart service housing. We support companies for growth and development and promote new businesses. For us, it is important for the city’s residents to live well in their homes and in service living environments.

There are three types of implementation: co-creation, testing and sparring of commercialization. During the process, the implementation methods are conceptualized and rooted in the practices of universities and cities. One of the results of the project is a web service TUTTU net – Product developer´s testing- and support network. TUTTU net will be published 2nd Dec 2020.

The products and services generated by the HIPPA project are in line with the needs of residents and their sense of participation, safety, mobility and accessibility. Users of the services, social and health care professionals, cities, businesses, university professionals and students will jointly study the smart housing development needs and produce solutions together. This work combines expertise in social and health care, information and communication technology, real estate and building technology, and business economics.


1.8.2018 – 31.12.2020


Toini Harra, Project Manager, Principal lecturer

Metropolia UAS

Testing environments include, for example, Pirkanmaa Senioripalvelut Oy, Oulun palvelusäätiö, Myllypuron monipuolinen palvelukeskus and other housing services of the cities of Helsinki and Oulu and the homes of the customers. The project is carried out in cooperation with companies, entrepreneur associations, research institutes and other partners. The project, coordinated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, is implemented by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the cities of Helsinki and Oulu.


In our blog you will find stories and articles about the activities of our project, companies, implementers and related research. The blog’s editorial board includes Minna Kilpeläinen (editor), Toini Harra, Leila Lintula, Kirsi Jokinen, Tarja Heinonen and Marianne Roivas. The writers are experts in relates areas of smart service housing and project and innovation activities.

HIPPA - Hyvinvointia ja parempaa palveluasumista digitalisaation avulla

For Companies

Are you interested in developing smart solutions to support service housing and home living?

Do you want to test your product or service?

Are you looking for growth or international markets?

HIPPA- Wellbeing and better service housing through digitalisation support small businesses that develop smart products and services in user-driven product development and commercialization.

HIPPA offers Finnish companies value-for-money aid free of charge under the EU De minimis condition:

  • user-oriented and multidisciplinary co-development processes
  • testing possibilities in digital, standard and authentic environments
  • commercialization and marketing support
  • sparring, innovation competitions, workshops and training

Smart products and services enhance the wellbeing, functioning and participation of residents in service houses, at home and in
institutional care.

Join us!

For users

Are you interested in to develope  service housing better by digital products and services?

Would you like to join us by

  • telling us, what kind of needs do users have in service housing?
  • co-create smart products and services that support service housing in the users point of view?
  • testing products and services to  help everyday life in service housing?
  • influencing to what kind of products and services are being used in a residential setting?
  • learning co-creation with companies bydeveloping smart products and services ?

We want to improve a good living at home and in service housing environments. We co-create smart products and services to help good living.

We invite residents, relatives and volunteers, service providers and producers as well as students to participate in user-involvement co-creation process. The products and services developed in this way enable a better life continuity from one age to another. Solutions will meet the needs of meaningful activities, safety, mobility and accessibility. For that, we need citizens and actors from different areas of life.

The HIPPA project conducteted by UASs and cities is being implemented in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Oulu. The aim is to support SMEs to develop user-friend products and services.

In HIPPA, the participants will be involved in collaborative development and testing processes that provide first-hand information on the needs of residents and service housing. Information on testing processes is collected, among others, about the availability and functionality of products and services.

In addition, we organize events about current themes and training sessions where everyone will be heard equally. Diverse experiences and view points enriches the understanding of the developers and improves the functionality of the solutions.

For participants
For students


The HIPPA project helps companies in user centered co-creation, testing and commercialization.

The project brings together Developer Clubs of Smart Service Housing in Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere. Companies, residents, personnel and relatives as well as experts and students who want to be involved in the development of smart housing are invited to the clubs. Clubs are open for everyone who is interested in making service housing better. Clubs give boost to product- and service development processes by sparring ideas and sharing information, experiences, contacts and best practises. Clubs formulate challenges for innovation competitions and create new ways of developing smart service housing.

HIPPA also produces events of related topics.


In co-creation, companies innovate smart technology and services together with service housing operators to better meet the needs of the users. Participants in co-creation are residents, their relatives, volunteers and staff, cities, companies and multidisciplinary experts and students.


Smart products and services are tested in digital, standard and authentic environments. Companies, UASs, cities and service housing units are designing and implementing testing of digital products and services together. We use and develop existing testing environments and processes. From testings, companies get references for commercialization and marketing of their products and services.


Alongside co-creation and testing, the market and business potential of the service / product is cyclically evaluated and developed. UASs and cities are sparring companies in the commercialization of smart solutions and in companies’ growth and development efforts.

HIPPA - Hyvinvointia ja parempaa palveluasumista digitalisaation avulla