For students

Who can participate?

Students from different fields interested in the user-friendly development of smart products and services can participate in the co-creation and testing processes in the HIPPA project. For example, students in the field of social- and health services, information and communications technology, construction, business or culture may want to learn about cooperation with genuine companies and customers and strengthen their own expertise in a multidisciplinary working life project.

How can you participate?

Students are involved in the companiesĀ“ product development and innovation processes as well as co-creation and testing of digital services and products to improve service housing. Testing is done in digital, standardized and authentic home environments or homes. You can also participate in user-driven collaborative development events that address user needs or the features to be tested by products and services. The project also organizes various events of current themes and training courses with free access.

How does the process go?

The project will be implemented in three cities: Helsinki, Tamper and Oulu. The UASs organize co-creation and testing events with companies and service housing units. You can get more information about their content and schedules form the project managers of each UAS. For more information about the events and training sessions, please subscribe our newsletter here. Tell us your contact information using the contact form below.

How to APEL this activity?

Through collaboration with the companies, you can strengthen your skills, for example, as research-, development- and innovation studies, an innovation project, a thesis, or other related studies in your curriculum. You will receive a certificate of this activity, on the basis of which you can discuss competence APEL with your tutor.


Helsinki / Metropolia UAS: Toini Harra (, tel: +358 40 334 6102)
Tampere / Tampere UAS: Tarja Heinonen (, tel: +358 50 5685354)
Oulu / Oulu UAS: Kirsi Jokinen (, tel: +35850 591 9896)

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