For participants

Who can participate?

Various product and service users can participate in the co-creation and testing of the HIPPA project: service housing residents in housing units or at home, service housing staff, relatives and volunteers.

How can you participate?

The project is implemented in three locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. UASs are organizing co-creation and testing sessions with companies and service housing units. Information about the content and schedules will be provided by the HIPPA project managers in each city. To hear news about current events and training, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

How does the process go?

Tell us about your interest in participating in our activities. We will send you information about the following co-creation and testing events, their content and schedules. We will agree on practical matters when you register for events. You can be involved only once or commit to a longer period of the process with the product and service you are interested in.


Helsinki / Metropolia UAS: Toini Harra (, tel: +358 40 334 6102)
Tampere / Tampere UAS: Tarja Heinonen (, tel: +358 50 5685354)
Oulu / Oulu UAS: Kirsi Jokinen (, tel: +35850 591 9896)

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