16/06/2020 - Minna Kilpeläinen

HIPPA hears the user´s voice

In the presentation video of the HIPPA project, we gathered examples of what we have been doing in HIPPA. It is important for us to hear the voice of the user and provide needs-based product and service development. Our operations are guided by genuine enthusiasm and joy from new innovations.

HIPPA offers possibilities for co-creation, testing and user trials, as well as commercialization support as required by each product and service. We work in authentic and standardized environments with genuine users or students in a multidisciplinary manner. The Developer Clubs and Game break -discussions bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, service housing customers and relatives, as well as professionals, experts and representatives of various organizations in the field.

The work will continue in the innovation centers and test labs in the social services, real estate and housing and ICT sector in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu even after the end of the project from 2021.

HIPPA project
Metropolia UAS, Tampere UAS, Oulu UAS
6Aika, European Regional Development Fund

Script: Minna Kilpeläinen and Toini Harra
Filming, Sound and Editing: Tuukka Lindholm and Minna Kilpeläinen
Director: Minna Kilpeläinen

Project Managers:
Toini Harra, Metropolia UAS
Tarja Heinonen, Tampere UAS
Kirsi Jokinen, Oulu UAS
Anna Alhonen, Myllypuro Senior Center, City of Helsinki
Päivi Meriläinen, Haukipudas housing services, City of Oulu