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HIPPA Newsletter 1/2020

Let´s take a look at HIPPA project´s autumn 2019 and January 2020!

HIPPA project´s benchmarking trip to Sittard, the Netherlands

How does a hospital without doctors’ and nurses´ offices sound to you? How about a hospital where the architecture is primarily designed to serve the customer? Or what do you think about a hospital where the patients use their own clothes?

HIPPA project team visited in Sittard, The Netherlands, to learn about a change of care culture at one of Europe’s most innovative hospitals. At the same time, customer-oriented and community-based service solutions for older people were introduced.


HIPPA´s collaboration companies presented their work in Assistive Technology -event in Tampere

HIPPA had its department at the Assistive Technology -event (Apuvälinemessut) from 7th to 9th November 2019. HIPPA´s collaboration companies were also featured in Hippa’s shelter. The experience was rewarding for everyone: networking, new contacts and some sales for companies, too. HIPPA also launched a new innovation competition, where the challenge was to find digital products and services that support functional living with possibilities to participate, improve safe living and enhance the meaning and quality of living. The competition was open until January 15, 2020.


More photos from the event:
Assistive Technology Event 1
Assistive Technology Event 2
Assistive Technology Event 3
Assistive Technology Event 4

Gardening solution Kasviportaat won HIPPA´s innovation competition

November 7, 2019 – January 15, 2020, an innovation competition was held in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu to find digital products and services that support functional and inclusive living, improve safe living and make living more meaningful.

The winner is Kasviportaat company with its proposal to further develop the company’s Supragarden® indoor growing system with digital products, so that it would be more suitable for the service housing residents.

In the jury´s opinion, this innovative indoor gardening product can enhance the residents´ possibility to participate and function. Through the product, the elderly person was seen as an active player, as the solution promotes and maintains inclusion. Being able to practice gardening strengthens the resident’s meaningful life.

From idea into a commercial product – workshop series helps making ideas clear

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is organizing a commercialization workshop series that supports SMEs to launch digital products and services to market. The seven companies participating in the workshops will develop business models through facilitation and sparring of the coaches. The goal is to develop their service housing digitalisation products and services into successful business.

Helen Chambers from Living Skills company, a workshop participant, commented on the usefulness of the workshops at the January 2020 meeting: “Workshops have been a great asset for our company. Previously, I couldn’t really sum up what we sell, now I can! ”

The workshop series, held from November to February, consists the following topics:

Workshop 1: Clearing up the business idea
Workshop 2: Value for the client
Workshop 3: Packaging the idea of service and product
Workshop 4: Selling the package: pitching, marketing and branding

See photos on Facebook:
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3

HIPPA´s Management group met at the Pirkanmaa Senior Centre in Kuusela in September 2019

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Happy moments belong to a good life

HIPPA project organized on 20 March 2019 Kansalais-Soteuttamo, a dialogical event concerning better service housing. A lot of citizens, experts of higher education, policymakers and service producers participated in the equal discussion. The event was organized in collaboration with the Sitra’s Soteuttamo project. In the organizer group, there were beside of HIPPA also  Well-being businesses in new hands -project (Hyvinvointiyritykset kiertoon) and In Safe Hands at Home -project (Hyvissä handuissa himassa).

The event took the form of a constructive public discourse (called Timeout) to better understand the key factors involved in developing. Timeout is a discursive method for offering an opportunity to pause and consider things in peace. The focus in small group discussions was in digital services and products. The discussions raised the voice of current and future service users.


HIPPA-team held and participated in many events in Oulu

Oulu Developer Club discussed about smart solutions for better safety, self-help and communication

Service housing actors and specialists from Oulu City and Oulu University of Applied sciences (Oamk) gathered in the HIPPA Developer Club on 26th September 2019 in the Kontinkangas campus of the university. The participants of the club identified the needs for service housing, named the existing solutions that support living at home and brainstormed some new ideas.

Security was perceived as a broad entity, related to many things. Safety was seen as a feeling of being safe. The protection of personal data and data security, as well as technical and social security, were discussed. The courage to start using and to rely on new electronic services emerged as a precondition for self-sufficiency. Early guidance and support in the right time were needed to use smart devices and digital services. An intelligent virtual assistant, who learns about a person, detects anomalies and asks for help from a relative or a professional when needed, was innovated to address security and self-help needs.

HIPPA introduced small assistive tools on the Elderly week in Oulu

The The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People held a National Elderly Week on June 6-13. October 2019. The theme for the Elderly Week was “Get Ready for Getting Old”. In the event, HIPPA project introduced a variety of small assistive tools to increase fluent and safe everyday life. At the same time, elderly people from Oulu were able to share their own experiences and thoughts about living at home and possible everyday challenges there. Keeping up the ability of functioning and preparing for age-related disability and home safety were discussed. Older people as well as students came up with new ideas about assistive devices and how to use them. Indeed, many older people had invented and found creative solutions to make everyday life easier.

HIPPA participated in the Wellness Together Day in Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The traditional Wellbeing Together Day was held on 13 November 2019 on the Kontinkangas campus of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk). Stakeholders in the field of social and health education and Research, Development and Innovation participated in the event by presenting their activities and collaborative projects and following the presentations of the students’ theses. 

The HIPPA project and the Oamk´s  Enabling Home were present at the event. Visitors were able to get acquainted with various smart housing solutions related to environmental management with Finnish-speaking voice control, ascending and descending kitchen cupboards and a height-adjustable, wash-and-dry toilet. During the event, the participants also had a chance to try out small assistive tools that make everyday life smoother and safer. Also featured was HIPPA’s collaboration company, Seniortek, who introduced the OviTurva solution, which allows easy and safe passage through the doors.

Smart service housing event was held for companies in Oulu

The HIPPA project organized an event for companies in Oulu University of Applied Sciences on November 21, 2019 with the theme of intermediate and community living. Companies, housing providers, developers of smart solutions and experts from the city of Oulu were invited to the event. The event brought together the residents and their wishes and needs companies developing digital housing solutions.

Instead of institutional care, now and in the future, the need for 24-hour care will be met by home support services, enhanced home care, intermediate housing and enhanced service housing. Intermediate housing refers to the intermediate model of home care and enhanced service housing, which provides residents with a community-based service that is developed according to the needs of residents: the residents live close to one another in their own homes and receive services as home care services. The aim is to enable living and coping in a familiar home environment for the rest of their lives.

Have you prepared getting old? – Housing solutions were presented in Oulu

How can I prepare for my own aging? On November 27, 2019, a seminar on housing for elderly people was organized on the Kontinkangas campus of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.The topic of the seminar was to prepare for and anticipate the housing needs and requirements of older people. The seminar was organized in co-operation with the City of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation, Housing Finance and Development Center (Ara), KONE Hissit Oy and the Real Estate Association of Northern Finland.

The topics of the seminar were housing solutions for the elderly, renovation grants, accessibility improvements, licensing of modifications, technology to support everyday life and the construction of elevators in an old apartment building.

HIPPA Developer Club designed service packages from different products in Helsinki

At the HIPPA Smart Service Housing Developer Club, service housing products and services were designed in Helsinki on 25th of November. Toini Harra and Panu Karhinen facilitated the work in the afternoon through different characters who needed different kind of support for their living. There were 25 participants at the club: entrepreneurs, service housing professionals, representatives of organizations, experts in the field of elderly care, housing, infomation technology, building technology design and future users of service housing.

Researcher, Mrs. Ira Verma kicked off the discussions by presenting her PhD thesis Housing Design for All? The Challenge of Aging in Urban Planning and Housing Design – the Case of Helsinki. His observation was that equality was important in the design of housing and related services. Spatial solutions, utensils and technology services should be suitable for the widest possible range of users.

Principal Lecturer Lauri Heikkinen presented the thesis of Niilo Pirhonen, M.Sc. that was about how to instruct designing housing technology for communal living.The hallmarks of communal living are comprehensive communal spaces and versatility and flexibility of the services. Communal utensils work well in communal living. The home needs to offer activities with other residents, caring and safe, preferably with the assistance of a housing coordinator.

The Head Nurse Anna Alhonen from Myllypuro Senior Centre told about service housing from the ancle of people with memory illnesses. The memory-friendly environment is easy to reach, clear, and supports leisured encounters. It is good to know that a home is not only a place to live, but it is also a haven for security, memories and the past, identity and well-being.

Evaluation helps implementing the project

HIPPA project´s external evaluation has started in the fall of 2019. The evaluators do not simply read the feedback forms but also help the project team to clarify their activities and stay in the right direction. This will increase the impact of the project.

The evaluators are Marja Kiijärvi-Pihkala, M.Ed. (in the photo above) and Anu Raappana, Lic.Ed.

“The advantage of HIPPA in terms of evaluation is that it is done during the project. Often, evaluation is a description of the action at the end of the project. This is not a mistake either, but it does not help in focusing in the project”, Raappana said.

The external evaluation of the HIPPA project will provide consultative support to project actors throughout the project implementation. The different phases of the evaluation will provide information that will allow the actors to make the necessary corrections to the project in time. The purpose of evaluation is to strengthen the implementation of the program and the effectiveness of the project in the spirit of the empowerment evaluation framework.

Surveys are also conducted when needed, but the most important tool for evaluating the process is the Suunta (orientation) tool developed by the Finnish Center for Health Promotion (currently SOSTE), which Kiijärvi-Pihkala has participated developing. The Suunta Tool is based on the work of Pirjo Koskinen-Ollonqvist. Koskinen-Ollonqvist worked on a simplified version of the Logical Framework tool recommended by EU project promoters for small NGO projects.

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